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The Barre Studios, Bradford




 The Barre Studio is a new and exciting dance school in Low Moor Bradford.

We offer a range of dance classes that include, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary,  & Perfornming Arts.

At the school we promote, dance for fun and perform for pleasure.  To be happy and successful rather than, rich and famous.
We have an expectation of our students, and their families to be kind, polite, respectful to everybody and the school, and above all to be happy.
We always expect our students to be the best they can be, without competing with their peers.
Our classes are disciplined, structured and organised to suit the needs of the students.

We have a strict uniform policy which, after a successful month trial, everybody is expected to wear.
We supply an introductory uniform pack to all new students at a discounted rate.
Anyone who meets our criteria is welcome to come along for a visit class to see how things work.

We have free taster sessions and open days throughout the term.              

Call us for details and to book a place. 

Fee's are paid in easy monthly instalments (non-refundable)  with a sliding scale, so the more classes you do the bigger the discount.




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So thank you for being one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I hope to return soon to finally qualify as a teacher! All my love and best wishes,
Heather xx
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