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Feminine Energy
11 May 2019


Our next production takes place on July 26th and 27th, at Bingley Arts Centre.

We aim to celebrate strong, independent, powerful and loving women, using dance, drama and singing.  After 100 years of women getting the vote in this country, we are still considered, by some, as less valid.  Well we're here today, to say this is no longer the case!!

We are the ones who nurture, support, ease, aid love, teach, train, educate, forgive, fight, hope, toil, understand, give, receive, laugh, cry, suffer, care and everything else on a daily basis.  Most of which goes un-noticed by those who receive the most.

Well this production is to celebrate all of the above and give recognition to the Feminine Energy that enables us to do what we do everyday. 

Everyone of us on the planet, every species of life needs the feminine energy to survive.

We all have a mother, I recognise that some members of the female species may not fit into the above category, but every one has the ability to be a Powerful FEMININE ENERGY!!! 

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